Review Procedure

The review procedure is carried on all articles submitted to the editorial office of the scientific collection, with the exception of reviews and informational messages. Scientific articles sent to the press undergo a double anonymous review.

The editors reserve the right to choose a reviewer. In addition, the editors reserve the right to make cuts and editorial changes of the manuscript.

The review procedure is focused on the most objective assessment of the content of a scientific article, the determination of its compliance with the requirements of a scientific journal; involves a comprehensive analysis of the originality and relevance of the article.

The reviewer assesses the quality of the manuscript for such points as:

  • scientific originality,
  • the relevance of the problem,
  • validity of the results,
  • the significance of the results,
  • distinctiveness of supply,
  • design quality.

As a result, expert marks are given for each item from 0 to 5. Depending on the amount of points a decision is made about the appropriateness of the publication, the need to finalize the manuscript or the inexpediency of the publication.

Reviews remain in the editor's office for at least three years.

Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts of articles submitted to them are the intellectual property of the authors and contain information that the reviewers cannot use at their discretion.

The reviewer's decision is not final. In case of disagreement with the decision of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to provide a reasoned response to the editors of the journal. The article may be sent for additional review. When resolving disputes that may arise in the process of reviewing the article, the final decision is made by the editorial board. The article sent to the author for revision should be returned to the editor within 3 weeks.

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