All manuscripts submitted for publication in the scientific journal "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" are obliged to undergo double anonymous review, check for plagiarism and are recommended by the Academic Council of Odessa National Economic University for publication. The reviewing procedure is regulated by the approved Regulations .

The editorial board reserves the right to choose a reviewer. In addition, the editorial board reserves the right to amend and publish the manuscript of scientific papers.

The review procedure is focused on the most objective assessment of the content of the manuscript, determining its compliance with the requirements of the publication; provides comprehensive analysis of the novelty and relevance of manuscript materials.

The reviewer evaluates the quality of the manuscript on the following points:

  • scientific novelty,
  • the urgency of the problem,
  • validity of results,
  • the significance of the results,
  • clarity of presentation,
  • quality of design.

Reviews are kept for at least three years.

Reviewers are informed that the manuscripts submitted to them are the intellectual property of the authors and contain information that the reviewers cannot use at their discretion.

The reviewer's decision is not final. In case of disagreement with the decision of the reviewer, the authors of the manuscript have the right to submit a reasoned answer to the editorial board. The manuscript may be referred for additional review. In resolving disputes that may arise in the process of reviewing the manuscript, the final decision is made by the Editorial Board. The manuscript, directed to the authors for revision, should be returned to the editorial office within 7 days.

The editorial board and the reviewers adhere to a strict policy in the event of plagiarism within their competence.

The procedure for the prevention and detection of academic plagiarism in the manuscript materials submitted for publication in the collection of scientific papers "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" is as follows:

The editors of the publication accept the manuscripts provided that the original of the research is confirmed in the form, certified by the authors' signatures (original or in scanned format), indicating the name (s) of the author (authors), title of the manuscript, certifying that the manuscript honestly presents self-conducted research and does not contain plagiarism, and is also guaranteed that the authors have obtained all the necessary permissions for the use of copyrighted materials, the manuscript is specially prepared for the collection of scientific papers “Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University” has never been published before and has not been submitted to other publications.

The submitted manuscript is checked for plagiarism before the review process begins.

Plagiarism is the attribution of authorship to someone else's scientific research, literature, art, or to someone else's discovery, invention, or rationalization, as well as the use in their works of someone else's work without reference to the author. Plagiarism also applies to tables, equations or illustrations, direct downloads from the Internet, without proper acknowledgment of the sources from which they were drawn.

Plagiarism, as well as falsification of the results of checking the manuscripts of scientific articles for revealing the originality of the text and illegal borrowing, are considered as violations of the Policy and ethics of the publication.

Considering a low percentage of originality of manuscript materials (more than 20% of plagiarism) is a ground for refusing to accept an article for review or returning the manuscript for revision (5 to 20% of plagiarism).

If readers of the publication find any incident of plagiarism, the editorial board should request them to get sufficient information for the edition with details such as: journal name, manuscript title, volume number, issue number, year of publication, or any other information which may be of interest to the publication. In this case, the editorial board adheres to the appropriate procedure for verifying the information provided and decides on the compliance of the published material with the established criteria.

The editor-in-chief should not leave unanswered the claims concerning the manuscripts or published materials, as well as in the event of a conflict situation, take all necessary measures to restore the violated rights.

The manuscript, which has undergone a peer-review process and was published in the collection, but was later found to contain plagiarism, is forwarded to the author's office and to a financial agency. Each page of the PDF is labeled according to the degree of plagiarism, followed by a formal recall of the manuscript.

UNICHECK anti-plagiarism software is used to verify the originality of the manuscript.

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