The purpose and objectives of the publication

The “Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University” was created for the purpose of professional discussion of key issues in the field of economics and economic development, finding ways to solve problems of modern socio-economic processes in a competitive market environment and European integration.

The publication is aimed at attracting a wide range of Ukrainian and foreign scientists, teachers of educational institutions, Masters of Science to exchange scientific opinions, promulgation of the results of dissertation thesis of applicants for scientific degrees of Doctor and Candidate of Sciences, research of applicants for the award of academic titles.

The editorial board of the publication follows the recommendations of the European Association of Scientific Editors (EASE).

Guided by the requirements of the international scientific community and high publication standards, the editorial board of the collection of scientific works "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" favors original scientific research as well as strives for the following tasks:

  • Adherence and dissemination of best international publishing practices;
  • Formation of modern expert scientific information and analytical environment;
  • Promoting Ukrainian scientific research as well as competitive scientific development for the international scientific product market;
  • Promoting the creation of progressive business models of open scientific communication, the integration of Ukrainian science into the European and international scientific space, as well as modern digital research infrastructures;
  • Support for global open science initiatives and the use of modern opportunities provided by the digital open landscape (European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Initiative for Open Citations) and more;
  • Formation of an authoritative team of reviewers from different countries, representatives of different fields of economic research with high scientific rating;
  • Ensure transparency of review standards;
  • Adherence to international standards of publishing ethics, norms of prevention of corruption among authors of publications (fight against unfair practices of citation) as well as copyright of printed materials;
  • Raising the rating of the publication and increasing its representation on national library-reference and scientometric platforms;


Open Access Support Policy

(approved at the meeting of the ONEU Scientific Council, Protocol No. 6 of 25.02.2014)


The scientific journal “Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University” is an open-access publication that supports the principles of free dissemination of scientific information and global knowledge sharing for general social progress. An open access policy provides for:

  • free access to electronic versions of publications of the collection, their possibility to be viewed and downloaded;
  • placing full-text issues on the site of the publication;
  • placing the publication on the official site of the National Library V.I. Vernadsky;
  • placement of the publication on national scientific portals (the international portal Open Journal System, which is supported by the project "Scientific periodicals of Ukraine", "Ukrainika scientific", etc.) and international scientific portals;
  • placement of the publication in national and international electronic repositories, libraries and directories of open access;
  • placement of the publication in national and international scientometric, abstract and other databases for the purpose of its indexing, rating raising and impact factor.

The Open Access Policy applies to all issues of the Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University since its creation.


Thematic scope of the publication

  • Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought (051 Economics);
  • Economics and Management of the National Economy (051 Economics, 073 Management);
  • Development of Productive Forces and Regional Economy (051 Economics);
  • Economics of Environmental Management and Environmental Protection (051 Economics);
  • Demography, Labor Economics, Social Economics and Politics (051 Economics);
  • Economic Security of the State and Economic Entities (051 Economics, 073 Management);
  • Mathematical Methods, Models and Information Technologies in the Economy (051 Economics);
  • Analysis, Audit, Accounting and Taxation (051 Economics, 071 Accounting and Taxation);
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance (072 Finance, Banking and Insurance);
  • Management and Business Administration (073 Management, 281 Public Management and Administration);
  • Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities (075 Marketing, 076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities);
  • Economics of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business (241 Hotel and Restaurant Business; 242 Tourism);
  • International Economic Relations (292 International Economic Relations).


Ethics of the Editorial Board, Reviewers and Authors of the Scientific Professional Publication

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" is guided by the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK) of the publishing house "Elsvier Publishing House" (Ethics & Research in Publication), and also follows the experience of editors of foreign and domestic scientific publications.

Adhering to ethical standards for scientific publications, the editorial board of the publication pursues a policy of objective and impartial selection of manuscripts, their review, strict observance of copyright and related rights, demanding quality of the scientific research, condemns plagiarism, adheres to the schedule of the publication.


Ethical standards in the work of the editorial board

Editors are responsible for everything published in the collection.

The Editor-in-Chief provides an unbiased and timely review process. Scientific manuscripts are reviewed by two external and independent reviewers. If necessary, the editor-in-chief may involve reviewers (additional experts) of the relevant scientific profile.

The Editor-in-Chief examines all situations related to potential conflicts of interest and self-citation comments made by reviewers to determine whether there is potential for bias.

The Editor-in-Chief and his deputies provide an opportunity for the development of a transparency policy to encourage the maximum disclosure of the origin of low-quality manuscripts (BMJ transparency policy).

The editor-in-chief regularly reviews and updates the team of the editorial board, decides whether to accept or reject the publication of the manuscript, which is based on the importance of the submitted material, the presence of originality, clarity of presentation, reliability of information and relevance of the topic of the collection.

The Editor-in-Chief, the members of the editorial board and the editorial staff should ensure the confidentiality of the names and other information concerning the reviewers. In case of recruiting a new reviewer, he / she is allowed to be informed about the names of previous reviewers.

The Editor-in-Chief does not provide third parties with information related to the content of the submitted manuscript materials under review for publication, except for the persons involved in their professional evaluation.

The technical editor publishes manuscripts submitted to the editorial board in accordance with the developed requirements, which are updated in accordance with the legislation and are published on the site of the collection.


Ethical obligations of the reviewers

The review is carried out in order to improve the quality of manuscripts published in the scientific journal "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University".

The reviewers are members of the editorial board. The scientist should only be a reviewer in the area of his/her competence in accordance with his/her knowledge and experience.

Reviewers conduct an independent peer review of the manuscripts submitted to the editorial staff. Providing an objective and reasoned conclusion regarding the results of the study contained in the materials of the manuscript is considered a duty that the reviewer has no right to evade.

When suspected of plagiarism, authorship or falsification of data, the reviewer must apply to the editorial board with a proposal for collective consideration of the author's manuscripts.

The reviewer is personally responsible for the honest, impartial evaluation of the manuscripts submitted for review and is entitled to confidentiality.

The reviewer may not be the author or co-author of the manuscript submitted for review.

Manuscripts should be reviewed with due respect for the authors' privacy.

The reviews are signed by the reviewer using a standard or digital signature.

Reviewers are not allowed to use the information of submitted manuscripts at their discretion.


Ethical obligations of the authors

The author is considered to be a researcher who has made a significant intellectual contribution to a published manuscript. The author is responsible for at least one component of the manuscript and should have an idea of the contribution of other authors to other components.

The editorial board of the scientific journal "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" expects the authors to observe ethical principles, which provide:

Compliance with the manuscripts submitted to the editorial staff to ethical, moral and legal standards, including copyright laws.

Originality and scientific novelty of the results of the research submitted for publication. Recognition of contribution of other persons, absence in the manuscripts of borrowings without references to the source (plagiarism).

The authors are solely responsible for the consequences of using the information contained in the submitted manuscript materials, objectively discussing the significance of the research.

The authors guarantee that the manuscript submitted to the editorial board has not been published before and is not under consideration in another publication. The reproduction of one's own manuscripts and their rephrasing are inadmissible, regarded as duplicate, and can be used solely as a basis for obtaining new results and conclusions.

In case the editor-in-chief and the editorial staff have not been warned about the mentioned violation and the manuscript has already been printed, information about duplicate or duplicate publication will be published with or without the author's consent. In addition, it is permissible to remove the manuscript from the publication site and from the sites of organizations responsible for indexing publications.

The authors are obliged to make changes to the manuscript of the scientific paper or to correct the mistakes indicated by the reviewers.

The authors take full responsibility for the possible plagiarism of text, drawings, tables and more. Any copyright infringement will be considered in accordance with the COPE algorithm.

Manuscripts submitted for revision must comply with the rules for drafting the manuscript of the scientific paper submitted on the site of the publication.

The editorial board has the right to refuse to publish the manuscripts if the requirements of the editorial board are not respected.


Responsibilities of the publisher

The publisher ensures timely and quality publication of a collection of scientific manuscripts that meets the existing standards.


Publication ethics

By submitting a manuscript to the publisher, the authors agree that the copyright is transferred to the publisher if accepted for publication. Copyrights include exclusive rights to copy, distribute (including reprints, photographs, microfilms, or any other form of reproduction of this nature), as well as to translate the manuscript.

The editorial board does not participate in the discussions with the authors of the submitted manuscript materials.

The manuscripts of the scientific papers are not returned to the authors.

The editors' opinion may not be the same as the opinion of the authors of the published manuscripts.

When reprinting, reference to the collection is required.

There are no royalties for publishing manuscripts.

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