Policy of the Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University

"Scientific Bulletin of Odessa National Economic University" was created to inform readers about the development of economic and social sciences, aimed at the discussion and exchange of scientific opinions. The collection of scientific papers is intended to promote the expansion of the holistic scientific information space of Ukraine and its successful integration into the world information space.

The main tasks of the collection of scientific papers "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" are:

1) the development of domestic scientific potential and its integration into the world scientific space;

2) the creation of a space for the high-quality public communication of scientists, in particular, the qualitative reporting of the results of their activities in the domestic and world science communities;

3) official recognition of publications.

The collection is addressed to those who work on promising areas of modern science: young scientists, graduate students, undergraduates, teachers, and practitioners who are faced with the task of ensuring high quality improvement at all levels of thematic areas, meeting the current needs of society and the state. "Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" publishes articles, reports, reviews, information and other materials. The original author's texts should be based on their own scientific thought, which is based on the achievements of national and world science and practice.

The editorial policy of the collection is based on the fact that they are of a principled nature, its openness and accessibility and is guided by the Law “Printed Mass Media (Press) in Ukraine” and “ Copyright and Related Rights” (Art. 21, p.9) .

"Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University" refers to the scientific specialized publications of Ukraine and fully complies with the requirements specified in Order No. 32 of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 15, 2001 "On Approving the Procedure for Forming the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine" According to this Order, a binding contract is placed on the platform “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” in the National Library of Ukraine named after V.I. Vernadsky NAS of Ukraine and in the National repository of academic texts, as well as the inclusion in the relevant international scientometric databases.

By submitting an article, the author agrees that the copyright of it goes to the publisher, if it will be accepted for publication, at the time of its approval . Copyrights include exclusive rights to copy, distribute (including reprints, photographs, microfilms, or any other form of an upcoming character), as well as translation of articles.

Articles sent to the press are double reviewed. The editors reserve the right to choose a reviewer. In addition, the editors reserve the right to make cuts and editorial changes of the manuscript. The editors do not enter into a discussion with the authors of the submitted materials.

The Scientific Bulletin of the Odessa National Economic University is registered with Google Academy (Google Scholar), an accessible search engine that provides full-text search for scientific publications of all formats. The Google index includes most of the peer-reviewed online magazines in Europe and America.

The collection of scientific papers is located in the electronic archive of the Odessa National Economic University (ONEU repository) - eoneu, which is intended for the accumulation, storage and provision of free full-text access to electronic publications of scientific works of faculty, graduate students, university staff. If desired, the author of the article, which states that it is necessary and formalize the author's contract. The repository address on the Internet: http://dspace.oneu.edu.ua.

Manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

Editorial opinion may not coincide with the point of view of the authors of published materials.

At a reprint reference to the collection is required.

The author's fee for publishing articles is not charged.

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